Magnatone Baby M-80


Brand new Magnatone Baby M-80 in Black! This little all-tube, single channel ripper was designed with the help of the Reverend himself, BFG and while it’s certainly capable of high-gain the palette of sounds this generates is pretty amazing.

More from Magnatone below- this is new and includes the original cover, box and manual

The Baby M-80 Amplifier is designed to give you a portable and powerful amplifier in a unique and authentic package. The amp is built around a 6AQ5 NOS Pentode tube. 12 watts of full bodied clean power is obtained. The 12AX7 front end operates in low or high gain modes, delivering robust clean and chewy, saturated overdrive. The master volume delivers classic British crunch at any volume, and the effects loop allows you to connect your favorite pedals with ease.

The Baby M-80 has plenty of muscle to gig with and performs with a range of tone never thought possible.

  • British influenced 12 watts of power to 10” ceramic speaker.
  • Two independent modes, LO and HI gain
  • Master volume and effects loop
  • NOS GE 6AQ5/6005 tubes deliver reliability, power and consistency.​


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