1976 Marshall JMP 50 Watt Lead MKII Head


1976 Marshall JMP 50 Watt Lead MKII Head in good condition! Celebrity owned with an interesting story (please message us for more specific details on that). Was originally modified by Lee Jackson, those mods included an additional Master volume (on the back panel) but all have since been removed. The amp his not entirely back to stock-it has had the preamp Volume disabled so it is currently functioning as a Non-Master Volume setup. Sounds GREAT as it is! But if you don’t need any home remodeling done (walls taken out) we’d advise using an attenuator or having the preamp volume restored in the circuit. There are signs of tour/road use- cabinet is worn but solid, extra holes in the chassis from the mods removed, etc.

-Please message us for more information on the provenance and pictures~


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