Shows & Events

With a regularly updated schedule of performances encompassing a wide variety of styles, there’s something for everyone at Strum. All ages welcome!

3/27:00Gillian Welch Review, $10Roots
3/33:00Lauren Sheehan & Mary Flower, $20Roots
3/97:00Blue Pine + Steve Wilkinson, $5Roots/Americana
3/103:00Tim Lerch Guitar Clinic, $20Jazz
3/105:00Tim Lerch Duo, $20Jazz
3/103:00/5:00Tim Lerch Clinic + Duo Package, $30Jazz
3/227:00The Swingshifters, $5Roots
4/67:00The Lonesomes, $10Roots/Rock
4/73:00Toninho Horta Tribute, $10Brazilian Jazz
4/207:00Shorty & The Mustangs, $5Country/Roots
6/297:00Luca Benedetti Trio w/Tony Scherr & Tony Mason, $20Jazz/Instrumental