Shows & Events

With a regularly updated schedule of performances encompassing a wide variety of styles, there’s something for everyone at Strum. All ages welcome!

7/237:00The Catbird Seats, $10Bluegrass
7/247:00Kim Field & The Perfect Gentleman, $10Blues
7/307:00Mike Stinson w/Jesse Harris, $20Country/Roots
7/317:00Countryside Ride, $10Country
8/67:00Redray Frazier w/Special guest Erin Wallace, $20Roots/Soul
8/77:00William Surly, $15-20Country
8/137:00Sequoia/Buffalo Kin, $10Roots/Americna
8/147:00John Bunzow Trio, $20Blues/Roots
8/207:00Jackson County Kills, $10Country/Roots
8/217:00Western Supply Co., $10Western swing
8/277:00Everything’s Jake, $20Jazz
8/287:00Mary Flower & The BBQ Boys, $20Blues

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