Shows & Events

With a regularly updated schedule of performances encompassing a wide variety of styles, there’s something for everyone at Strum. All ages welcome!

9/307:00Flyover States w/Erik Stalker & The Squash Band, $10Roots
10/67:00Kim Field & The Perfect Gentlemen, $10Blues
10/77:00The Countrypolitans, $5Roots/Country
10/137:00Terry Robb Electric Quartet $20Blues
10/147:00LP & The Old Fashioned, $10Roots
10/207:00Mark Shark & Friends, $15Blues/Roots
10/277:00The Dynaphonics, $5R & B/Soul
10/287:00Your Strange Companions Halloween Spectacular, $10Roots
10/257:00Ariel Posen Guitar Clinic, $30Roots/Americana
11/27:00Josue Josue Dia a Los Muertos Celebration, $10Roots/Americana
11/37:00Kim Field & The Perfect Gentlemen, $10Blues
11/47:00Tommy Stinson’s Cowboys in the Campfire, $25-$100Roots/Americana
11/117:00John Bunzow, $15Roots
11/187:00The Best Intentions, $5Country/Roots
12/17:00Kim Field & The Perfect Gentlemen, $10Blues
12/97:00Mark Spangler & FriendsBlues/Roots
12/164:00Jim Campilongo Guitar Clinic, $25Roots/Jazz/Country
12/167:00Jim Campilongo 4TET, $25Roots/Jazz/Country