2017 Nacho 1949 Prototype II


2017 Nacho 1949 Prototype II in Excellent condition! Original and rare instrument, with a very interesting history. These were offered (and don’t seem to be anymore) as replicas to the very first Fender Telecaster iteration. Nacho went to great lengths to replicate every single detail of the original Fender- which as legend would have it- was in his possession and even x-ray’d to capture all of the very specific and unique construction details of the instrument. It is Pine and chambered- so it is ultralight at only 5 lbs (!). As such it is EXTREMELY resonant and loud acoustically. It was finished (and then stripped!) 2 times; once in Red and once in White- and then left natural (just as the original was). Neck cavity and bridge show evidence of this process. Pickup is a handwound replica of the 1949 version which was taken out of a lap steel. PLEASE NOTE: the original pickup- by nature of its design- is microphonic. Original pots were removed because they were dirty and non-functioning when we received it- but the originals are included.

-All original paperwork, Leather pouch, including a CD with additional images of the guitar, and description of build from Nacho is included.  There is no serial # on the instrument. This is an early version- likely within the first several produced. Nacho verified that during this early era of production serial #’s were not always used. Original (Vintage Fender Black) Case is included, although paperwork indicates it came from Nacho with a Tweed case (Can’t qualify if the paperwork is wrong or if a change was made sometime during change of ownership).

From Nacho’s Spec sheet:

-V Profile neck with 9.5″ Radius and vintage style frets (They are slightly taller then vintage)

-Neck depth 1st fret .084″, at 12th Fret 1.00″

-Neck Width is 1.66″ at Nut, 2.02″ at 12th fret

-Bridge Pickup measure 6.22K

-All other questions or requests for additional photos please reach out and message us!



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