1984-1987 Fender Standard Stratocaster


This US Made 1984-1987 Fender Standard Stratocaster lands right between 2 integral era’s of Fender production; The “Dan Smith” era and the soon to become “American Standard” era. With 22-frets this model exhibits a lot of the Smith-era improvements, and of the features soon to become standard. Original classic Black with maple neck, this shows mostly typical player level wear and you can tell this was played/loved! Some changes: the saddles have been upgraded to Graph Tech style (originals are gone), and the pots/pickups have been upgraded. Pickups do not show any signs of identification but if we had to guess they are likely “Texas Specials” as this was the upgrade du-jour in the early 90’s. Pots are WD and the wiring harness is very clean/professionally done. At least one pickup cover is also not original, as the picture will show that it does not match. Weight is very comfortable/typical for the era. Frets show some signs of wear/use but overall still feel quite nice and playable!

-Includes original hardshell case (Black plastic molded Fender) and trim arm


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