1964 Fender Super Reverb


This 1964 Fender Super Reverb is a true road-warrior! The good ones get played and this one has the battle scars to prove it. Recently serviced/biased with a fresh set of power tubes and it sounds INCREdIBLE.  Cabinet displays all the signs and wear of having been gigged heavily, and when you hear how what this sounds like you will understand why! Speakers are a mix of original and non-original (2) ’64 CTS, (1)  Blue label Fender Alnico  and (1) FMI Fender Alnico. Wiring harness is not original. Cabinet and grill are original with no mods. Chassis is original with no mods, and aside from normal servicing (new filter caps/electrolytics) the power transformer was replaced- but all others are correct Schumacher’s and date to ’64.

Those codes are: 606 4 08, 606 4 07, 606 4 06

Tube chart is present and original (this is a FEI era).

-This is heavy and I would prefer not to ship- but if we must please reach out for a specific quote.


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