1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom


Players grade 1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom in great condition! This one is no wall hanging collectors piece- but the changes are all useful and make it a great player. No significant repairs to note (headstock or otherwise), refretted and those that were used feel nice and are in excellent condition, if not slightly wider than stock wire. Tuners have been replaced, along with the saddles, switch tip and knobs. Pickups were replaced with vintage DiMarzio’s along with the pots and they sound GREAT. Not sure about the model but these are not the Super Distortions. Nut width= 1.68″, neck profile is typical Norlin era slightly chunky- 1st fret= .80″ and at the 12th fret= .96″, with the original volute and a 12″ radius.

-There are couple “tan lines” from previous stickers.

Weight is middle of the road for this era at just over 10 lbs.

-Includes later 80’s (Brown) Gibson HSC


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