Early 70’s Gibson Johnny Smith


Early 70’s Gibson Johnny Smith in very clean and almost completely original condition! Replaced repro pickguard (original deteriorated and is not included) and poteniometer (’96 CTS), but otherwise no repairs or changes! Original frets show some wear in 1-7 but there is a good amount of height left for a crown/level and she still plays great. This is classic 17″ design that protects surprisingly well and is really comfortable to play. Binding is all original and shows some typical signs of checking and some fine cracks but is structurally sound. All hardware from tuners to pickup and tailpiece is original and very clean, including rosewood bridge.  Neck profile is typical flattish/medium 70’s profile. Neck thickness at the 1st = .86″ and at the 9th= .96″ so there is a fair amount of taper. Nut width= 1.71″. Original pickup reads 5.6k. Original Norlin era rectangular label is present and clean. “Made in USA” stamp is present below serial number at the back of headstock.

-Includes OHSC (Black with Purple lining)

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