1967 Gibson SG Special


This 1967 Gibson SG Special is a players guitar! Excellent condition overall, with some upgrades and changes make this one for gigging! First off, NO Headstock breaks or repairs. Neck joint is all original and very clean. Tuners have been changed, and this was refretted with wider than stock wire and it plays great. This was originally set up with a Vibrola tailpiece and converted to stop- but the original Vibrola is included. Pickups, wiring and harness all appear original. Pots date to ’66. There is a minor repaired crack originating from the input jack around the side to the control cavity- but it does not extend any further than that and is stable. Weight is a very comfortable at just over 7 lbs.

Nut Width= 1. 54″

Neck Thickness at 1st Fret= .80″.  at 12th Fret= 1.01″

Includes an 80’s (?) Brown HSC


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Brazillian Rosewood