1964 Vox AC30 (Treble)


1964 Vox AC30 (Treble) in very nice original condition! If you’ve never experienced the sparkle of a vintage Vox, it’s something really magical and this example has it in spades. Played but not abused- the tolex on these tears if you look at it the wrong way- so considering how fragile they are this one is really doing ok. Some rough patches where it’s torn or missing, but overall pretty good. Some funny business with the handles- replaced at some point but fully functional and there are a few extra screw holes in the top from the originals. Grill Cloth appears to be original. Back of cabinet exhibits an added speaker output jack (but the work is clean). Chassis and most of the board (short the filter caps) appear original and the chassis is stamped with “Treble” to indicate the circuit version this is (there was a “Bass” a “Normal” and a “Treble” version available, in addition to the “Top Boost” option). Speakers are original Vox branded “Blues” and the cones appear to be original as well. Transformers are all original Woden’s- but it is believed the Output was rewound many years ago (in the UK- where this lived it’s entire life up until about 5 years ago).

The sound is GLORIOUS. This is the best sounding example I’ve ever heard, let alone had in the shop. Crystal clear and clean until it is pushed and (although quite loud at that point) its overdrive is breathtaking. You won’t be afraid to play it because of the condition- and once you hear how great it is you won’t have any other choice.

-Includes Original Vibrato “Egg” footswitch and a newer Cover

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