1962 Fender Deluxe (Brown)


This 1962 Fender Deluxe (Brown) is a very clean (mostly) original example! The character has a decidedly pronounced upper-mid quality, common for Brownpanel amps of this era, and many would refer to this as the ‘Marshall of the Fender’ lineup due to its early and smooth breakup! The cabinet is in nice condition with original covering, no modifications or alterations present. Original tube chart is present, although not entirely legible. Original speaker was replaced with a Weber Alnico 12A125S (Smooth cone) and sounds spectacular. Transformers are original Schumacher’s dating to ’62 (606 235, 606 243). Filter caps are modern replacements. Board has a lot of updated Sozo caps. New power cord, new footswitch (although the original is included), and the speaker cable is a modern replacement. Grill cloth is on the margin- if it was replaced it was a pro job, and baffle appears original. Handle? Might be original- it certainly appears vintage (but I haven’t seen one that looks like this before).

These are becoming increasingly rare and most definitely collectible!

-includes Amp cover, Black Panel era vintage?

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