1964 Fender Vibrolux Reverb


1964 Fender Vibrolux Reverb in excellent very clean and original condition! An icon of a piece- these are loud enough to keep up in almost any scenario (and sound great doing it). This example has a very clean and dare we say- “untouched” board, at least with no updates or modifications that we can find. The speakers are 1975 Oxford Blue Label FMI 10″ speakers and they sound fantastic. Filter caps were updated with Sprague, and the work looks very clean. No logo- and during this era many were produced without them. All transformer codes appear original/correct- although the power Transformer dates to the 14th week of ’63, Fender was notorious for grabbing parts from “this box and that box “when assembling- and we believe it to be original. There are no modifications or repairs to the cabinet or chassis. Grill is original.

606 434, 606 314, 606 434,  606 430

Tube Chart is present, stamped “NJ” and the circuit is AA864

Front panel is “FEI” (Fender Electric Instrument Co)

-NO footswtich included


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