(New) Carr Amplifiers Super Bee


Nested in Classic Black Face Super Reverb Fullerton sounds with all the usable power needed for great tone and great fun!

  • Super Seductive, Super Rocking, Super Black Face inspired swagger sporting current production 6BeeM8 power tubes.
  • 10 watts (the new 100) plus built-in attenuator for late night flying
  • 3 position Sting switch taking you thru an alternate reality of Black Face tones – extra scooped beautycenter Fullerton strutheated 70s CBeeS.
  • The Super Bees’ EZ81 tube rectifier yields lively bounce while enhancing the amplifiers emotional buzz.
  • Suitable for home or afield.



3 position Sting

  • 64 (extra scoop and shimmer) —
  • 68 Classic Black Face
  • 72 (increased gain while changing where the Tone circuit is applied for a gigantic range of tones)

Treble, Middle, Bass


Variable 4th Generation Attenuator  – Full power / 2 watts to whisper

  • 16 US made Jupiter Caps inside –
  • Carr Valiant 12” or Eminence Copperhead 10” speaker
  • Tube complement
  • 1 EZ81 Rectifier
  • 2 6BM8 current production Power Tube/ Preamp Tube combo
  • 2 12AX7
  • 1 12AT7

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