Victoria 5112


This Victoria 5112 in lacquered Tweed just came in and it’s in great shape! We love the idea of taking a Tweed Champ circuit and placing it in a larger cabinet with a 12″ Jensen P12Q! This example has had no repairs or mods and with the exception of some visible wear to the lacquer on the bottom of the cabinet it is very clean.

A faithful recreation of Leo Fender’s 5F1 circuit produced from 1957 to 1961. Just like the original Champ, but with an Eminence Legend 12 inch speaker in a larger Deluxe-style solid pine cabinet. This amp does not need reverb – there are so many harmonics and overtones we think you’ll like it just as it is.

  • 5 watts of power
  • 5F1 Type Circuit
  • Single Ended Operation
  • Cathode Bias Design
  • Standard Speaker: Jensen P12Q Alnico
  • Standard Covering: Tweed
  • Tubes: 1-5Y3, 1-6V6GT, 1-12AX7
  • Cabinet Size(HxWxD): 16.5” x 20” x 10”
  • Weight: 27 lbs.

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