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As big fans of the so-called “brownface” Fender® amplifiers of the early 60s (1960-1963), we have long been thinking of producing an enhancing device to re-create the key features that make those legendary amps so unique. We also wanted to be able to capture that sound with the minimum amount of controls. And so, the BROWNFACER was born!

The Brownfacer emulates the special “fat effect” that is obtained by pushing the tubes and the volume of a brownface Fender® Showman® just before distortion. It finds that “sweet spot” of maximum tube compression that changes the entire sound-from the power of your sound to the sustain of the guitar and the reverb. The Brownfacer is perfect for the gigging artist who appreciates that sound or is used to playing through one of those old amplifiers. As we know, for live shows and touring, you can be presented with different backline amps and traveling lighter and avoiding bringing a brownface amplifier on the road is always a plus. It saves you money and your back! With the Brownfacer you are secure in knowing you can get the sound you need from any amplifier, even the coldest ones, with affordable ease and portability.

Unlike other “stompboxes””, the Brownfacer sound enhancer does not even have an on/off button. Simply place it before the input of your amp and it will do its magic!

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