Dr. Z KT-45 Combo


Dr. Z KT-45 Combo in excellent all-original condition! Rare 2 x 12″ combo format. Loaded with original Celestion G12H-30 Anniversary Ceramic speakers. No mods or repairs/changes- this is a turn it up and ROCK setup. Designed to capture The Who’s “Live at Leeds” sound, this meets somewhere between overdriven Hiwatt sounds and AC30.

The KT-45 is yet another completely original design from the Doctor. The basis of this amp’s design is its EF-86 (preamp tube) front-end and Tone Stack also used on the Z28 and Route 66 models. The incredible timbre of the EF-86, along with gain that’s 50% higher than the hottest 12AX7, virtually inhales the tone straight through your guitar cord. The KT-45’s tone stack allows control of the gain in three separate parameters- gain and amount of distortion in the treble registers, clear to swelling bass in the lower registers, and overall volume and drive. This allows you to dial in a Thick Top End, with a clean punching bass, or a swelling bottom end with crystalline highs. This is all done with plenty of clean to satisfy a Country picker, enough crunch for Rock & Roll, and tough singing sustain for R&B (British R&B that is!).

Sonically the KT-45 captures the rich tones of the WHO’s “Live at Leeds” LP. It combines powerful driving distorted tones with a touch of defined articulation. VOX AC-30/4 meets HiWatt.

Power Output 45 Watts
Output Tubes 2 – EL34
Preamp Tubes 1 – EF86 (NOS), 1 – 12AX7
Rectifier Solid State / 5AR4
Controls Volume, Bass, Treble


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