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Today, we should be receiving 120V AC from the wall, but depending on where you are and what time of day it is, you can receive anywhere from 120V to 129V. That’s not good for your amplifier, or your ears. Depending on the amplifier, a BrownBox user might discover that modern gear runs optimally at 116-118V, or as low as 108-110V for vintage gear. It’s impossible for an amplifier designed for 110V or 120V to sound or operate anywhere near the way it should at 129V.

The BrownBox features flexible voltage attenuation options that let you bring your power input down to an optimal level, resulting in significantly improved amplifier performance.


  • 120 Volt AC, 60 Hz, 5 Amp Voltage Attenuator supplies up to 540 Watts, designed for small or mid to larger sized amplifiers (i.e. Fender Deluxe/Bassman/Twin, Marshall 50w/100w, Vox AC30). Can also be used for parallel or dual amp rigs.

  • Easy to read back-lit L.C.D. display enables real-time voltage and amperage monitoring – also useful for diagnostics

  • Two attenuation modes to help to fine-tune your voltage

  • Proprietary transformer design wound exclusively for use with tube amplifiers, an industry first

  • Equal or attenuated voltage output and a 5 amp fuse with in-rush current protection ensures that you will never accidentally overload your amplifier

  • Powder coated EMF neutral housing and tough road rugged construction

  • Silent, cool operation

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