90’s Kendrick Model 1000 Reverb Tank


90’s Kendrick Model 1000 Reverb Tank in original Rough Blonde Tolex, in all original condition! These early Kendrick hardwired outboard units are sought after, and for very good reason. It’s hard to beat their prices- and even though they have gone up in value somewhat over the years- they are still equivalent in price to the Fender PCB RI units but built like tanks and significantly better sounding. This example in this color is somewhat rare- the tweed version seems to be the most common. Original Handle, power cord, and everything internally from what we can see. And it sounds GREAT. (There is a small chip in the top faceplate, in the chrome plating- at the very corner that is not structural and is hard to capture in a picture). This is tube-driven and a direct copy of the classic Fender tube reverb unit everybody knows and loves.

-includes a (non-original) cover


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Rough Blonde Tolex




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