2021 Isle of Tone Haze 69 Fuzz #38


2021 Isle of Tone Haze 69 Fuzz #38 in excellent and all original condition! This is the “premium” Big box edition. No repairs or mods, works perfectly. Handwritten note inside indicates this was made for “Victor”, if that’s your name then this is your lucky day.

-Includes original box, extra baseplate, and postcard

The Haze 69 Fuzz is our tweaked/omtimized version of the Tonebender MK 1.5/ Fuzz Face circuit but with very rare and low gain Mullard SILICON transistors instead of germaniums! We’ve changed and added some resistors and capacitors values, using Steve’s developed 3-way resistor switch system known from the Haze67Fuzz and created probably the most germanium-like sounding fuzz ever made. As we had many 60’s silicon Fuzzes for repair/mods over the years (and in our collection too), we`ve learned that the BC models used back in the days, had, compared to the earlier 60’s germanium Fuzz models, very high HFE values what makes them more sensitive to radio interferences, more noisy and sometimes a bit harsh sounding. Handmade boards made out of vulcanized fiberboards, each eyelet is pressed by hand as with the good old tube amps. Only cloth wiring, handmade battery contacts made out of the remains of empty batteries, fiberboard and cloth wire (upcycling).

Pre selected by perfect measured values and matched by ear pairs of NOS Mullard transistors combined with selected NOS and high-end parts, makes each Haze69Fuzz unique and reliable for professional usage. A pedal that is very sensitive to the players fingers and attack, acting more like an instrument as *just* another pedal in the signal chain. Great clean- and breakup, shiny and sparkly clean tones, classy rhythm and legendary Fuzz tones that won’t decay, crumble or sound like a saw. The Haze69 Fuzz has one of the tightest cleanups so far. Combining best of both worlds, a germanium Fuzz-like feel and sound but not sensitive to temperatures, makes the Haze69 Fuzz a secret weapon for any live playing artist. All enclosures are carefully painted, screen printed and aged by hand. Each is unique!

All bags and cardboards are made and printed in Salzburg to support local businesses!

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