2020 Mesa Boogie Fillmore 50 Combo


2020 Mesa Boogie Fillmore 50 Combo in original condition, VERY clean and includes cover, paperwork and hang tags!

Tube Combo Amplifier With Two Channels, 50 Watts, Full and Half-Power Levels, 12″ Speaker, Reverb and Effects Loop

The MESA/Boogie Fillmore 50 is a combo amplifier that simply does more. It offers vintage-inspired tones, but with two independent channels, the Fillmore can also hang in more modern contexts. Play large stages with all 50 watts or select half-power for smaller venues. It has real spring reverb, series effects loop and a custom Celestion speaker with plenty of bottom end. Available now at Musician’s Friend, the Fillmore 50 might be your one-and-done solution for classic tube tones in a road-ready package.

Powered by 6L6 tubes for historic sounds

The Fillmore is equipped with a pair of 6L6 tubes. Select full power for 50 watts of output or dial it down by half for smaller rooms. Each channel has three drive modes. CLEAN is more pristine, DRIVE leans towards blackface-style tones, and HI goes from subtle clipping to maximum overdrive. You won’t be able to go full metal, but hard rock is right up its alley. After all, it’s named after the historic, bi-coastal venue that brought bands like Black Sabbath and The Who to America.

A rich reverb goes from subtle to surf

MESA/Boogie puts a full-sized reverb tank in the Fillmore. Dial it up to soak in the surf like Dick Dale on “Miserlou.” Or, keep it subtle and add some presence to a dry room. The Fillmore 50 also has a fully buffered series FX loop, letting you add pedals without signal loss or phase issues.

The Celestion speaker has a fuller sound

The Fillmore 50 combo comes with a 12″ Celestion Custom 90 speaker. Also known as the Black Shadow, this speaker has a more controlled bottom end. If you spend time twanging on the low E string, you’ll appreciate the tightness.

A MESA/Boogie built to last

The Fillmore is constructed with marine-grade Baltic birch, a ply known for its strength and durability. Which is a good thing, because there are a lifetime of sounds in the Mesa Boogie Fillmore 50. If your tastes lean toward American tones to British blues, classic rock and beyond, you’ll get real satisfaction out of this combo. It comes with a slip-cover and a footswitch to select channels.


50-watt tube amp with full/half-power switch, two channels, three drive modes for sonic flexibility
Real spring reverb and series effects loop to shape and modify your sound
12" Celestion custom speaker for vintage tones with deeper bass
Marine-grade Baltic birch construction for durability

Fillmore 50 1×12″ 50W Tube Guitar Combo Amp Specifications:


  • Wattage: 20/40W
  • Type: Combo
  • Tube or Solid State: Tube/valve
  • Number of Preamp Tubes: 5
  • Preamp Tube Type: 12AX7/ECC83
  • Number of Power Tubes: 2
  • Power Tube Type: 6L6


  • Number of Channels: 2
  • Footswitchable: Yes
  • Number of Inputs: 2


  • Speakers: 1×12″
  • Speaker Brand: Celestion
  • Speaker Model(s): Custom design
  • Cab Power Handling:
  • Cab Back Panel: Open-back
  • Speaker Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Cab Angle: Straight


  • Channel 1: Switch, Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass
  • Channel 2: Switch, Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass
  • Master Volume: Yes
  • Mid-Shift: Not applicable
  • Resonance: Not applicable
  • Presence: Yes
  • Contour: Not applicable
  • Reverb: Yes
  • Voicing Control: Not applicable
  • Boost: Not applicable
  • MIDI Control: Not applicable
  • Footswitch: Yes (included)

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