1991 Gibson Custom Shop Firebird V


1991 Gibson Custom Shop Firebird V in original Two-Tone Tobacco Sunburst finish! Played and loved, finish has aged very nicely with time and natural wear. Reverse Headstock design, some changes including the pickups- Mojotone (from the UK) pickups installed- these are the “Johnny Winter model”- which were developed directly with Johnny in 2014 to recreate his vintage originals. Neck is pickup is 6.3K and Bridge pickup is 6.9K. Original pickups are gone-and it appears that the tone knob is not original. Tone pots/caps were also likely upgraded at the the same time.This is a very resonant and cool Firebird with all of the Mojo of a vintage instrument. Neck profile is a medium “C” with a very slight taper. Bigsby is not original, but is installed via a Vibramate so it was done so without modification. No breaks or repairs to body or headstock.

*** Some added mystery to this; although it has the “dot” inlays of a Firebird I (and a toggle switch in the wrong location), the Bridge pocket is stamped “VSB” which would/could indicate that perhaps began its life as a FB I and then was later modded at the factory to be a V? The neck pocket route is very clean and old and exhibits the same finish over the top and qualities as the bridge pickup route does. So you tell us?

Neck Dims: 1st Fret= .82 12th fret= .88

Nut = 1.71″

Weight= 9.2 lbs

Includes HSC (not original)


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Tobacco Burst