1985 Gibson Les Paul Custom


1985 Gibson Les Paul Custom in original Black with Gold Hardware! This Norlin-era “Black Beauty” is an excellent example, with no repairs or modifications outside of a pro-refret and replaced pickup screws (originals included). One of the pickup rings has also been replaced, but the original (cracked) is included. The refret was very nicely done, as the original binding on the neck was maintained and the frets are tucked neatly inside the edges of the nibs so it’s hard to notice. Likely somewhat recently done, and still quite large and comfortable (it appears stock wire was used) with just a few noticeable spots of wear becoming present. Tuners are original Gold Grovers, and as this marks the transition/end of the Norlin-era, there is no signature neck volute. Pickups are original Shaw’s, although the height adjustment poles were replaced with black the originals are included (and we’ll probably swap them in, TBH). Weighs in at 10.2 lbs, placing it in the light/medium side of Customs from this era! Nut width is 1.69″, and neck profile is medium Flattish “C” measuring in at .89″ at 1st fret and .93″ at the 12th. Pots and wiring harness all appear original and untouched, CTS pots dating to ’85.

-Includes OHSC (Black chainsaw)

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