1977 Gibson G3 Grabber Bass


This 1977 Gibson G3 Grabber Bass is an all-original beauty! Style from a different era, and they were going for something that you can really appreciate. Condition overall is very good- the internal body cavity was clean when we opened it up, it was all untouched- including all wiring/pots (CTS that both date to 1977) and jack. 3-way pickup selector that (interestingly) allows you to select between: Bridge/Middle, ALL, Neck/Middle. Frets are original and show player wear but still have plenty of life and polished up very nice. Action is really comfortable. Weight is pretty reasonable as well- for what looks like a pretty substantial piece of Maple! Body depth is thinner and that certainly helps.

-This came in without case/bag, so if shipping is selected we’ll need to get creative

****Please note**** The original serial # on the back of headstock was removed by the previous (original) owner, and replaced with his Name. His name was also etched onto the back of the neck plate. We purchased from the wife of the original owner (name was verified) and she informed us that he did this when he purchased it and he did this with all of his instruments! (as a general rule, we would discourage folks from doing this)


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