1966 Fender Princeton Reverb


1966 Fender Princeton Reverb in good condition! This is a players special! Been around the block a time or two, as some would say. Overall a very solid player with the only changes being the Power Transformer was replaced with a Mercury Magnetics, and the power cord is upgraded to a 3-prong. Filer Cap is a newer replacement. 90% of the board is original with a lot of Blue Astron’s, the only changes here are a few metal film resistors. Speaker (original?) is a Jensen Gold Label C10Q, date code on it is 220523 (’65). Tube Chart is present but not complete, not possible to get anything useful from it. Reverb Tank and bag appear original. Cabinet is solid and worn, but in overall good condition, with no caster holes or modification that we can detect. Baffle appears original. Had been serviced when we received, and retuned/biased. Sounds great! Reverb is strong, Vibrato sounds like it should. Is this your “holy grail” but at a player price?

Transformer codes: 606 547, 606 604


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