1966-69 Gibson B-25


This 1966-69 Gibson B-25 is in excellent condition, and all original save for the replaced (rosewood) bridge! The original bridge during this era would have been plastic so this is the upgrade you want.  Nut width= 1.67″ and the neck is a very comfortable Medium “C” profile. Frets appear to be original and although there is no sign of a neck reset action is very nice and there is plenty of saddle left to go in the future, so no concerns there.  Normal signs of aging and wear throughout, but no signs of any cracks or repairs. Tuners appear to be original and they all turn nicely. Cherry finish on the back and sides is still very vibrant and bright! The tone is very snappy and exhibits all of the midrange thump you’d expect from a smaller bodied ladder-braced vintage Gibson.

-Includes Original Chip (Gibson branded) Case (Red lined)

(Note- due to the serialization scheme/overlap during this era, pinpointing the exact date of origin is not possible)


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