1965 Fender Bassman Piggyback

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1965 Fender Bassman Piggyback in excellent all original condition! “FMI” (just post) CBS era build, AA165 circuit, and these just RIP. Transformers are all correct, Schumacher’s: 606 512, 606 527, 606 526. Tube Chart is present and stamped “OI”. Cabinet is loaded with the original Oxford speakers, both with matching codes: 465 524. Circuit board on the amp is 99% original and intact, with no visible updates or changes visible. Filter caps were updated, and there is a mix of Illinois and Sprague currently installed. New (grounded) AC cord. The only change/modification we could detect was there was some wood removed from the base of the cabinet head, under where the (power) tubes sit, to accomodate extra space for taller tubes. This modification was preformed a long time ago, as the color of the inside of the cabinet matches the color of the wood where the material was removed. 2 x 12 cabinet is all original and very clean with no modifications. Original insulation in the cabinet is also present. Wiring harness to the speakers has some new wire/connections that were made.

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