1964 Vox AC15 Twin


1964 Vox AC15 Twin! 2 x 12″ Speaker version of the venerable AC15 circuit! RARE, RARE, RARE.  90% original, made for UK market so running at 245 v, but includes a Litefuse power converter to run at US voltages (110). Cabinet, chassis, and Transformers all original with no modifications.  Speakers are original blue frame Fane ceramic 12’s (one is missing the dust cover), and both speakers appear to have fresh recones (there are no codes). Upper back panel is a replacement- so original serial tag is missing. New filter caps, but 99% of the components on the board appear original and intact. Original (egg!) footswitch included. Top middle handle appears to be a newer replacement (no additional screw holes).

Sounds exactly as it should! AC15 tones without the all of the volume. And even though it’s a 2 x 12″ the cabinet weight is surprisingly reasonable/manageable.


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