1963 Fender Reverb Tank


1963 Fender Reverb Tank in original brown tolex! The 6G15 circuit of this era is the drippiest, surfiest, circuit of any Fender reverbs you will find! Incredibly rare in this color, and it sounds as good as it looks. Some kind of previous mod left a plug in the panel. Grill Cloth is not original- it’s Oxblood and it should be Wheat for this color/era cabinet. Tube chart is gone but there are some remnants of it that remain. AC cable was updated to a modern grounded version. May have a replacement bus holder (looks very clean to me!), and there have been some updates on the board- but the vast majority of it is original and untouched. All transformers appear original- the underside of the chassis (where the cap can is located) is pretty rusty and its hard to read the codes but they are all matching in appearance & age so there is no doubt they are correct. One transformer code (a Schumacher) that can be read dates it to ’63. Tank was also replaced with a modern Mod version, but the original tank is available if desired.


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