1960 Fender Vibrolux


1960 Fender Vibrolux in excellent condition! Mostly original with a few changes: Output Transformer changed to ’64 (or ’74) Schumacher Deluxe Transformer (the original Triad power transformer is present), speaker is a 1979 Fender Blue Label CTS 10″ Ceramic that sounds fantastic! Power cord updated likely some time ago, and the usual updates you’d expect (and need) for a tweed from this era- Filer caps, electrolytics, etc- but outside of those things the cabinet/tweed are all original and in great shape. Original handle. Chassis is original and shows typical wear/pitting in the faceplate for the era. Tube chart is present- this a 5F11 circuit. Original footswitch is included and the Vibrato sounds SPECTACULAR. No other funny business, mods, etc.

This is essentially a lower output Deluxe- cabinet size is the same, and with the larger Output transformer it probably gets a boost in bass and overall output (it does not appear there was any mod to the chassis to get the larger transformer in).

This is a really excellent sounding example and with the changes priced at a very reasonable/fair spot!

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