1959 Gibson Les Paul Junior


1959 Gibson Les Paul Junior doublecut in original cherry finish! Nice condition with no repairs, or finish damage (or overspray) to speak of. Back and sides still retain a little more of the original unfaded Cherry bightness than the top does. The original P90 was replaced with an 80’s era Tim Shaw Humbucker (measuring 7.2k) in the bridge, and the cavity was modified slightly to accommodate that. Not the best work we’ve seen, but also not the worst. Some could argue it is a very functional mod- if you prefer humbuckers over single coils! The neck is really comfortable and CHUNKY- 1st fret thickness= .91″ and at the 12th fret= 1.04″- so there is some taper to it. Nut width= 1.67″, and the frets appear to be original and are still in pretty good shape- so this is very comfortable to play and action sets up very nicely with 9’s. Truss rod is functional and neck is quite straight as it is currently set up. Aside from the changed pickup, the volume pot is also a modern replacement- but the tone pot is original and functions well (it is a Centralab from ’59). Weight is very comfortable/light coming up at 7lbs on our shop scale- but TBH I’d guess it is likely lighter than that. There is an extra hole for a strap button on the topside of the horn (which can be seen in the photo of the back). The backplate is original, and the jackplate on the side is a Chrome replacement (along with the 1/4″ jack). Pickguard appears to be original. Tuners are original Kluson Deluxe with some of them having bent tuning shafts as they so often do- but they all still function/spin well and hold tuning as needed. There are no mods to the tuners or holes. The bridge and posts appear to be all original and posts are solid and straight with no sinking or shifting forward as these often will.

-Includes a nice mid/late 60’s (?) Gibson Hardshell Case


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