1956 White Model 80


VERY rare and cool 1956 White Model 80! Similar in circuit to the Fender 5F2 (Tweed) Princeton, running a single 6V6 with a 5Y3 Rectifier. This is all OG (original) with only 2 exceptions: There is a Weber replacement speaker, and the power cable is a newer (grounded) replacement. It would appear that every other component is original and in very excellent condition. No repairs or modifications. Original Astron caps, both transformers are original (with seemingly unbroken solder leads), and every component/capacitor on the board appears to be original. There is a “Lupe” masking tape piece on the inside chassis- as so many of these from the Fender factory would- indicating the person at the factory who wired it up.

All screws, baffle, grill, feet- appear to be original.

-Includes a newer Canvas Victoria style cover


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