1954 Fender (Blackguard) Telecaster


1954 Fender (Blackguard) Telecaster! Real Deal Blackguard Telecaster, with the exception of the body being stripped and some lacquer that was brushed on the top of the fingerboard this one is all original! This is your chance to own a piece of history- and with the change to the body finish this is a rare chance to acquire a REAL Blackguard under $20k

Body is dated “12-53” in neck pocket, and there is a “Mary 1/28/54” Sticker (on masking tape) in the control cavity. The guitar (2-piece ash with an off-center seam) weighs in at 7.6 lbs. “Routers Hump” and typical 50’s neck pocket overhang is present/evident.

Neck is dated “1-54” in pencil at heel. Original frets? They are low and worn- but it is playable as it. Neck is very straight and action sets up low. Replaced Bone Nut- and there is evidence of a repaired section of wood behind the Low-E string (Bass) side of the neck- but it appears all original wood is there and is stable. Original logo. All finish on neck appears original, with the exception of what appears to be some lacquer that was brushed on only on the fingerboard. Backlighting the neck reveals the original finish underneath that area- and you can see that some of the original neck wear on the fingerboard is present underneath this newer-ish layer of lacquer. Neck has a very slight/soft chunky “V” profile, with original wear and finish on the back. Very comfortable softly rolled edges. Original “no-line” Kluson’s with no evidence of any modifications or repairs underneath. String tree is original with no extra holes.

All hardware ands electronics (including pots/pickups/bridge/saddles) appear to be original and correct. Original Butterscotch finish can be seen underneath pickups in the cavities. Pots appear to be original Stackpole (first digit of “3” is visible”and match in appearance- but they cannot be dated because the connections go right over the top of the pot codes-and the solder connections all appear original with perhaps the exception of the largest cap connecting to the Volume. But all caps and wiring appear original. Bakelite pickguard is original. There are two small pin/screwholes in the top- one just “west” of the neck pickup- that are consistent with router pin holes from the 50’s.

Bridge Plate (stamped #3239) and saddles all original

Nut width = 1.64″

Neck thickness at 1st Fret= .93″.  at 12th Fret= .99″

Includes a Black w/Orange Lining Fender “Tail logo” era HSC Case (’67-’71)

Includes original Bridge Cover

** More pictures available upon request (including blacklit)


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