1952 Fender 5B6 Bassman


1952 Fender 5B6 Bassman! This isn’t one you see every day, in fact it’s unlikely you will come across another. There were only approximately 100 of these produced this year. It’s a road-warrior but if you like them with character look no further. the earliest iteration of the Bassman was this 1 x 15″ version, and this is the second circuit variation. Most of the tweed is gone- with the exception of some interior sections. The raw wood character of the cabinet is perfect in its own way. Original Jensen Alnico P15N (likely reconed) has a date code of 220225 (tasting it to the 25th week of ’52) and The Bell cover is missing. Back Panel is missing, baffle/Grill is a later replacement from Alamo Ampworks- original baffle is included but it’s rough. Transformers are original- as is all of the split chassis setup, with some internal reworking courtesy of our amp tech. Handle is a replacement, and the AC cord is a modern replacement.

The Tone is raw and surprisingly loud; sporting a tube-rectified pair of 6L6’s. Tweed Midrange honk is in no short supply, and the singular Volume and Tone control is simple and effective. We would place the character solidly in the Ike Turner camp. This makes an incredible Blues/Rock machine, and although it is loud- due to its aggressive nature- it needs to be turned up to be appreciated! A playable piece of History.


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