1949 Rickenbacker B6 Electro Lap Steel


This is a very clean and all original example of this 1949 Rickenbacker B6 Electro Lap Steel! This post-war example exhibits the normal features that had changed throughout its history (1935-1955) as the design evolved. Shortly after this era the White “Panda” segments would become Chrome. The Rickenbacker logo at the top changed in 1946 from “Rickenbacher” to the familiar spelling. The original potentiometers are CTS (Chicago Telephone Supply) that date to 1949. All electronics (including cap and pickup) are original and intact with wiring. The original pickup is strong and Fat- if not slightly microphonic, as these tend to be. Bakelite body is surprisingly sturdy and heavy! Exhibits less then mortal player wear for an instrument that is approaching 100 years old!

-Includes original “chip” case (she is rough but functional)

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