1930’s Kalamazoo KHG-11


1930’s Kalamazoo KHG-11 in original 3-tone sunburst! This is the “Hawaiian” version of the KG-11, converted to play as a fretted (Standard) acoustic. All that was involved in that conversion was moving the bridge saddle back, and lowering (replacing) the nut as it original is set up too high. These changes were made and it plays great! Ladder-braced, but surprisingly loud and resonant. Condition overall is excellent- typical scratches and bruises from a (nearly) 100-year old instrument. Dark ebony fingerboard and original frets in excellent condition. Original tuners. This has not had a neck reset- but there is still some saddle left and the action is very comfortable. Neck shape is a very large “V”, typical of the era.

Scale= 25″    Nut=1.93″

Neck Thickness at 1st Fret= 1.05″

-Includes Original Chip Case


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