Morgan MVP23 Head


Morgan MVP23 Head in MINT condition! EL84 based, Class A cathode Biased with power scaling! Small and fierce.

Includes original manual and IRC power cable.

Classic tube combination serves up rapturous tones

The MPV23 is loaded with a pair of cathode-biased Class A, EL84 power tubes and a duo of 12AX7 preamp tubes. The result is a chimey, shimmering sound with mids that grow crunchy and aggressive when pushed. And when this amplifier really saturates, it creates lush upper harmonics with a delightfully loose low end. Best of all, you can utilize Morgan Amps’s Power Scaling control to enjoy punchy cleans and amazing overdriven tones at any volume.

Your effects pedals will sound great thanks to Power Scaling control

The tone-chasers here at Sweetwater know that the key to getting a great tone from your overdrive and other pedals is to set your power amp level just right. You can do that and still keep the volume at a reasonable level, thanks to Morgan Amps’s Power Scaling control. This brilliant feature adjusts the power amp section’s volume without actually choking the signal that’s sent to the power tubes. That means you get the interaction between your pedals and the power amp that you need for great tone at any volume.

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