2013 Fender American Standard Stratocaster FSR


FSR American Standard Stratocaster “V” Neck Solidbody Electric Guitar at a Glance:

  • Premium Custom Shop pickups
  • Compound-radius fretboard feels just right
  • A feature-packed FSR Strat

Premium Custom Shop pickups

No matter how well you play, your pickups will play a big part in determining whether your tone is epic or not. The FSR American Standard Stratocaster “V” Neck sports three vintage-flavored Custom Shop Fat ’50s single-coil pickups. Normally only used on Fender’s top-line Custom Shop guitars, these pickups put out the essence of classic Fender tone. Cleans are bright and clear, the midrange has bite, and you can take your tube amplifier from mellow to raging simply with your volume control.

Compound-radius fretboard feels just right

The FSR American Standard Stratocaster “V” Neck features a 9.5″-14″ compound-radius fretboard for ultimate playability. The fingerboard is rounder near the nut for easy chord grabbing and rhythm playing. As your playing heats up and moves up the fretboard, the radius flattens out for easier runs and big string bends without fretting out. And, the soft V-shaped neck not only provides extreme comfort, but it also makes it easy to reach those upper frets that scare off players who don’t have such a well-designed axe. With a neck that plays this slick, you’ll be up at the highest frets before you know it. At Sweetwater, we know that you’re very particular about how your guitar neck feels, and we’re confident that the FSR American Standard Stratocaster “V” Neck won’t let you down.

A feature-packed FSR Strat

Fender’s FSR Series exists to do one thing: give you access to genuine, unique, and feature-packed instruments. The FSR American Standard Stratocaster “V” Neck gives you a great selection of cool Strat features, including a supremely playable V-shaped maple neck with a compound-radius rosewood fingerboard and medium-jumbo frets, three Custom Shop single-coils, a no-load tone control, a copper-infused high-mass bridge block, a 2-point synchronized tremolo, and a cool Mystic 3-color sunburst finish with a gold-anodized aluminum pickguard. All in, it’s quite a potent music-delivery system. And it’s made right here in the USA in Fender’s state-of-the-art Corona, California, factory.

FSR American Standard Stratocaster “V” Neck Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

  • Limited edition Fender Special Run Stratocaster
  • Rock-hard maple neck sports a V-shaped neck profile
  • Compound-radius fretboard makes fretting chords near the headstock easy, gives you plenty of room to bend notes, and performs runs up high
  • 3 Custom Shop Fat ’50s single-coil pickups provide amazing vintage tones
  • Hand-rolled fingerboard edges for a supremely smooth-feeling neck
  • No-load tone control on the bridge and the middle pickups completely cut out of the signal path when set wide open
  • Thinner undercoat finish for improved resonance
  • Innovative, copper-infused bridge block is higher in mass for big tone
  • Unique Mystic 3-color sunburst finish

Add a hot-rodded Strat to your collection with the FSR American Standard Stratocaster “V” Neck!

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