2009 PRS Sweet 16 Tube Combo


2009 PRS Sweet 16 Tube Combo 1 x 12″ 16-watt amp, used but in Mint Like New condition! 6V6 based amplifier with reverb, includes original cover!

The PRS Sweet 16 tube combo amp has the tone you need — period! We’ve been on a tone quest to find the ultimate tools, and after trying practically everything out there, we’ve found the answer, at least s far as the amplifier is concerned. Our search led us to the king of tone himself, Paul Reed Smith, who’s taken his decades of experience crafting the world’s finest guitars — and talking about tone with thousands of the best guitarists in the world — and crafted the sweetest tube amp we’ve heard, the aptly named Sweet 16.



As soon as you snap this amp out of standby, you can feel it — we’re talking incredible responsiveness. Play hard, an the amp snarls with harmonic-laden vengeance. Lighten your touch, the Sweet 16 curls up and purrs. Slash a power chord, and the Sweet 16 reaches out and smacks you right in the face. Plug in a Strat, it chimes like a Strat. A Tele? Forget it, you’ve never heard a guitar jump out of the speaker like this. Jack in a Les Paul, it roars like a Les Paul; the Sweet 16 brings out the best in whatever guitar you play through it. This amp just loves guitars.

12ax7 and 6V6 tubes provide the power plant for this beauty, but it’s the elegant, completely pure design that takes this amp to boutique-land. From blues to country, jazz to rock, you’re covered. And best of all, at a comfortable 16 watts, you can push the output to take advantage of the vocal, singing quality of those satiny 6V6s without driving the neighbors crazy. The PRS Sweet 16 is perfect for studio — put a ribbon mic on this monster and you’ll be drooling with delight — but it has enough gut-punching power to keep the drummer in his place onstage. You need to plug into the PRS Sweet 16.


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