1963 Vox AC30 N (Fawn)


Here’s a very rare and special 1963 Vox AC30 N (Fawn), something you definitely don’t see every day! The tolex used for Vox is notoriously fragile and finding original examples in condition like this a rarity. This JMI-era AC30N (normal) is a time-capsule. Aside from a few very minor changes it is all original.

-At one point there appears to have been some other handles in the top, but they holes from them are well concealed (see top pic’s) and original handles are in place/intact.

-There are a couple minor cap updates on the board as you can see- but original filter caps are in place and sound strong/clean.

-There is a minor tear in one of the speaker cones. It does not appear to affect the sound or function.

-Available with a heavy-duty road case. Please inquire regarding shipping before purchasing. This is a fragile item and I’d rather keep this as a local sale. Additional fees will apply for shipping/safety.


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