John Lensing Album Release

Saturday, May 4th

With Arran Fagan & Jacqueline Hyde

John Lensing:

John Lensing started out as a street performer, writing songs and driving around the US to play them for people. Slowly, this led to playing shows and festivals, but the goal has always been the same. To make people care — about others, themselves, and things that sometimes hurt to care about.

His genre-blurring songwriting has brought him on tours all across North America and Europe. Most notably playing a showcase at the Sommer in Altona festival (Hamburg), and being named “an artist to watch” by No Depression.

Jacqueline Hyde:
Jacqueline Hyde is an alt-rock duo with folk roots based in Portland, Oregon. The project was formed in 2021 by Portland native singer/songwriter Jacquie Henry and midwest native producer/multi-instrumentalist Tyler Ohman. The music is emotionally aggressive and delves into an exploration of self, emotions, patriarchy, religious trauma, and heartbreak. Their debut EP, “martha’s fine, she’s always fine.” explores the drama of depression, and the invisibility of women in a patriarchal America
Arran Fagan:
Praised for his introspective lyrics and vivid storytelling, Portland-based folk artist Arran Fagan has garnered a following in his native Oregon with his uncanny ability to weave the personal and universal. After getting his start in the grassroots music scene of Southern Oregon, Arran has spent the greater part of his life pursuing music, creating wistful and evocative songs that explore themes that connect us all—loss, addiction, change, and the endless passage of time.

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